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Jubilee fashions

03/06/2012 16:46
Invited to a jubilee street party? Have no outfit? If yes, have a look at this!  

Vintage Warehouse

03/06/2012 15:46
Today, we went to a vintage warehouse in north Manchester , we bought a table and some chairs. Here are some pics, enjoy!

Top 5 blogs of the week

03/06/2012 12:13
Hi, we have decided to make a top 5 blog feed that we will try to update every week. Enjoy!   5.  cupcakes and cashmere 4.  llymlrs 3.  burgers and nails 2....

The Teenage Market

03/06/2012 09:30
When the team was at vintage village, we stumbled on some people giving out leaflets about the teenage market. Of course, we were curious, so we took one and had a chat with the lady.   The person who was organizing it was her son, a 17 year old college student. There would be music,...

Visitors notice

02/06/2012 22:00
Have you heard of the blog ?  We have been having some unsolvable problems, so we have made a new blog. We hope you enjoy!

Website launched

02/06/2012 21:59
Our new website has been launched today. Visit our photo page! There will be updates soon on no direction home festival 8-10 June. Visit the website at

Stockport Vintage Market

02/06/2012 21:47
Today, our team went to have a root around Stockport vintage market. I picked up a couple of things and had lunch there. After I had my cookies and cream cupcake, I decided to post the many pics that I had taken and write about the event. I took a few business cards from stalls, here are a few...

Old and New

02/06/2012 21:42
50's is the new fashion! Poodle skirts and lace facinators are all in, so vintage markets are going to be raided! Sit tight and bring back the old 50's floaty dresses and blouses!
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