Fathers Day..........kinda ;)

Date: 19/06/2012 | By: Nichola Balaam

Sorry I missed this, but I can tell my Pappa I love him today too?
My Dad is fabulous, kind, loving, grounded and sweet and I adore his bear hugs and company. I didn't get to see him on Fathers Day as he is Father to three more, but I drew him a picture of a Lion, as he looks like one. Rargghh.

This is a lovely blog, I'll be sure to follow it, keep up the fabulous work.

Nicky x

Fathers Day

Date: 17/06/2012 | By: Andrea Brady

I'd like to say a big Happy Fathers Day to my lovely old Dad!!
he wont read this as he's nearly 80 and not plugged in to the t'interweb!

Fathers Day

Date: 16/06/2012 | By: Lisa Williams

Happy Fathers Day Daddy! Hope you have a wonderful day :)

My Dad lives thousands of miles away in Bangkok so I wont be spending the day with him. However, I will send a message on facebook, an ecard, a phone call and hopefully I will be one of the first 3 people to enter in the fathers day shoutout and will have my message published on this groovy blog!

Good luck to me :)

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