12/02/2013 22:15
Well hello people from earth! 'Tis I, errm, the blogger? Well anyway, as you can see by the title, this post is about competitions. This week, I have been doing the #inhollister Instagram t-shirt competition. Every day there is a guideline for a photo so I have been doing it! So if you win, you...


26/01/2013 20:32
Lately, I have been messing about in the snow, and taking photos. If you want to see what I am into lately, then see my profile @missmartha89 on EyeEm. But anyway, lets get back to fashion. Well, turns out this spring's new fashion is grunge, so it's time to dig out the granny cardigans, and...

Geek Girl!

06/01/2013 11:08
This is a new post to geekly weekly about new tech and the web. Geek Girl- Wii U Edition   As you may know, the wii u was recently released. It's controller has a screen, so if an annoying family member wants to watch the TV while you're clearly playing on your new wii, you can...


23/12/2012 14:43
I can't wait untill christmas!!!!!!!! After a busy term at school I really needed a break. And now there is only 1 day and 2 sleeps to go!!!!!!!!!!!! I have got presents for everyone (even my dog!!!). Im hoping to get a camera (see below) and clothes. Maybe some retro roller skates, and some wii,...


19/11/2012 13:22
Heya peeps! This week is Geekly Weekly fashion week. Here are my best picks! Burberry Louis Vuitton   Christian Dior

Floaty Skirts

12/11/2012 13:21
Floaty skirts are the main fashion statement at the moment. Twinned with a plain T-shirt, or shirt, you can create an awsome outfit. Here are my picks of the best floaty skirts this season. TherapyLipsyTopshop 

MOOT! (Mini photo shoot)

11/11/2012 13:58
I have been experimenting, and have had a MOOT (mini photo shoot). The pics aren't the best quality (as taken with my 3ds)! Soon I am getting a la sardina, so you can feast your eyes on lovely LOMO graphics! Anyway, enough babbling, bring on the...

Poppy appeal

11/11/2012 10:07
As you know, today is rememberance sunday. We will all be wearing poppies to show our support to people fighting, or who have died in the war. We wear poppies because in the first world war, poppies grew in the fields where soldiers had battled. Make sure to donate, and wear a poppy today. Also,...

Craig Tara

02/11/2012 13:15
Over this week, I have been at Craig Tara holiday park (Scotland). In November! But, I have been swimming, scootering, doing quizzes, and creating art. I will be coming back on Saturday. The link to the website is below.

Picture Problems

22/10/2012 14:14
Me and the team are apologising for some picture problems. Each picture link has been broken, causing the pictures to be resembled by blue rectangles. We are sorry for the loss of photos, but all new post's photos are shown. SORRY!
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