Hello Strangers!

22/10/2012 14:05
Hello! I haven't been posting in ages! I have been busy with school, but now I am off for half term! Now, I will try to post lots more articles to keep you all happy! If you have any ideas for events/competitions/articles, then please contact me at .

What I wore today

26/08/2012 20:10
These pictures are pictures of what I wore today. Starting from the top left, I will write about what is what. 1, my favorite jumper, bought from a vintage market. 2, my Aqua Maritime top, as a gift from Croatia. 2, my Union flag leggings, from River Island of the diamond jubilee. Thanks for...

What I wore today & apologies.

18/08/2012 17:04
Sorry about the lack of posts recently, there are more to come than this one: the teenage market, camping! Hopefully this substitute will make up for the delay. Enjoy!          WHAT I WORE TODAY:  Leggings, Zara, t-shirt, Spain, shoes, TKMaxx, skirt, DKNY.

Seven miles out music and arts festival: teenage market

21/07/2012 19:02
On Sunday 29th July, another teenage market will be held at stockport marketplace. As some of you may know, me and my friend have a buisness, we sell jewelery and charms, and we have a stall there called ginger sausage (I know, random name) . The event starts at 11am and finishes  at 4pm....

Fathers day shoutouts: Nichola Balaam

24/06/2012 09:33
Im sorry to Nichola because I only just saw this today! Congratulations though as she is the last winner!   Sorry I missed this, but I can tell my Pappa I love him today too? My Dad is fabulous, kind, loving, grounded and sweet and I adore his bear hugs and company. I didn't get to see...

Fathers Day shoutouts: Andrea Brady

17/06/2012 20:10
 I'd like to say a big Happy Fathers Day to my lovey old dad!! He wont read this as he's nearly 80 and not plugged in to the t'interweb! xxx     Another congrats to Andrea Brady for typing this today. Even though her dad isn't on the web, he can be celebrated by the...

fathers day shoutouts: Lisa Williams

17/06/2012 08:19
Congratulations to Lisa Williams who's fingers were quick enough to type this in 10 minutes! Happy fathers day to her dad and happy fathers day to all dads. Remember, it's still not too late to enter the competition!   Happy Fathers Day Daddy! Hope you have a wonderful day :) My Dad...

Fathers day shoutouts

16/06/2012 16:20
Because its father's day, we thought to have a fathers day shoutout, so the first 3 people to post about their dad in the guestbook get a shoutout. Just write a paragraph or so about your dad and he will be featured in a new article dedicated to him. Here's a pic of me and my dad in a vintage...

no direction home update

12/06/2012 17:54
Hiya! New update on no direction home festival. Here are some pics of the festival, there are not very many because we were all having too much fun. Enjoy!

No direction home festival

11/06/2012 17:05
Haloo! Over the 8-10 of June, I was at no direction home festival. There was lots of music, but my favorites were: Beth Jeans Houghton, and Gruff Rhys. I would like to say thank you to anyone who bought any jewelry or charms from my stall near the general camping area, if it wasn't for you, I...
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